Are you interested in participating in WestFest? Listing your event with us is easy and we’re there to help every step of the way.
Being part of WestFest means your event will receive robust advertising and promotion, including:
  • Advertising for our listings site on flyers, vinyl banners and 60×40 poster drums throughout the West End
  • 50,000 copies of the WestFest brochure will be produced and distributed widely across the West End and central belt by our street team from mid April- June. 
  • It is estimated that these will be read by around 250,000 people.
  • Distribution will be intense through conventional distribution to shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, libraries, community facilities and even west end underground stations. 
  • We will distribute into locations such as Waitrose & Sainsburys, SPT, University of Glasgow and Glasgow libraries & museums. We aim to get the brochure into as many places as possible!
  • The programme of events will of course be available on our new listings website and our social media platforms.
  • To offer support with your event and/or listing, In March 2023 we will be launching our WestFest hub where we will be on hand to offer advice and support on everything from finding a venue & marketing to event planning & budgeting


Times are tough so we’ve kept our listings prices as low as possible.

The Brochure and Website/Social Media are the most effective ways of publicising your event, and to help with our costs we charge a small fee for inclusion.

For ticketed events, a single entry costs £65 with additional entries £40.

For free or community events, a single entry costs £50, with additional entries £25.

For multiple events, we may be able to offer a further discount.

Fees are significantly cheaper than similar events to reflect our new start and to ensure WestFest is accessible for all who wish to take part.

To register your event with WestFest, complete the below form:


The deadline for copy is 5pm on Friday 17 March

Shortly after your submission we will be in touch to confirm your listing and will send an invoice for
payment of fees.

Proofs of your entry will be sent out around 7 April and you will be asked to return your corrected
proof within 3 days for us to meet the publication date of the week of 17 April.

Also, please use the WestFest logo on your publicity and indicate that you are part of WestFest on
your website and in press statements. Logos can be found on the website.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch

Paper Copies

Should you require a paper copy of the form to be completed and returned, or our letter to participants, please find them linked below.

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